1st IALD Japan Light Talk Salon “The future of dimming, the future of light”

The inaugural “Light Talk Salon,” previously the “IALD Japan WEBINAR,” was held on July 19th, 2023. The seminar consisted of […]

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The 10th IALD Japan Webinar “What is WBS?”

WELL Building Standard (WELL) was developed in 2014 as a system to evaluate built environments. Characterized by its emphasis on […]

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Let’s Take a Look! Lighting Design Vol.4

  The webinar “Let’s take a look! Lighting Design Vol. 4” was held on August 5th, 2022. In this webinar […]

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The 9th IALD Japan Webinar “Stage lighting and architectural lighting: What’s the same and what’s different?”

Stage lighting and architectural lighting are both crafts of lighting, but what are the similarities and differences between the two? […]

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The 8th IALD Japan Webinar “Go, Residential Lighting, Go!”

Residential lighting gets little attention in the lighting design industry. In the webinar “Go, Residential Lighting, Go!” held on March […]

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The 7th IALD Japan Webinar”IALD-J Members Survey Report: Let’s Talk LED! Vol. 1″

This webinar was titled “IALD-J Members Survey Report: Let’s Talk LED! Vol. 1”. In the wake of the Great East […]

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Let’s Take a Look! Lighting Design Vol.3

Let’s Take a Look! Lighting Design Vol. 3 The webinar “Let’s take a look! Lighting Design Vol. 3” was held […]

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The 6th IALD Japan Webinar “Haruka no Hikari” Screenwriter Talks the Future of Light “

The NHK E-Tele TV drama series “Haruka no Hikari”, which aired this February over five episodes, shows the main character Haruka work as […]

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The 5th IALD Japan Webinar “The Good Old Uncles of Osaka — Their History and Future”

Under the theme “The Good Old Uncles of Osaka,” this online session unraveled the historical roots and characteristics of lighting design in the Kansai region while also unearthing surprising careers and works of panelists from Kansai that our general meetingsIALD Japan members usually cannot offer to introduce.

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