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Greetings from the Representative Director

As we are in the 8th year since the founding of the Japan International Association of Lighting Designers in September 2014, we are nearing the milestone of 100 members.

Since December 2019, we have been in a long tunnel as COVID-19 is prohibiting us from seeing each other. Nevertheless, we have carried on with our activities, such as interacting with people from the design field, researching, training, and publishing information with the aim of broadening the lighting culture. For example, our Membership Committee is regularly holding the Ina-Bar, a monthly social gathering on the web for our members. The Public Relations Committee has determined to enhance our website, the most important task of the committee. To foster future lighting designers, our Training Committee has introduced a new workshop for students in general, adding to the existing two training programs for the members.

In November 2021, IALD Japan hosted the 5th international conference, the Enlighten Asia 2021 in Japan, on the web. Although the current conditions did not allow the participants to gather in one place, we are satisfied to say each of the programs inspired us to develop lighting design into the future. Three YouTube contents published preceding the event will also help nurture the coming generations.
Reducing energy waste, eliminating light pollution, and creating beautiful, comfortable night scenes—these are the goals that we, as lighting designers, seek to accomplish with an eye on global environment conservation, in cooperation with related organizations such as the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan.
We appreciate your enduring guidance and support as we push through toward our shared goals.

Jan 2022

Japan International Association of Lighting Designers
Representative Director Reiko Chikada