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Greetings from the Representative Director

It has been over four years since Japan International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD Japan) was founded. I must admit the Association has not yet made enough achievements so far, but we have proactively organized seminars and events promoting various lighting designs, including Enlighten Asia in Japan, the three international lighting design conferences in Tokyo. Your kind support is sincerely appreciated.

We are now busy preparing for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but at the same time, we are terribly concerned about the global climate in the future as we see extreme weather events or natural disasters occurring worldwide in recent years.
Moreover, the LED and lighting control software development at an accelerating pace opening up new possibilities for lighting design seems to indicate a significant turning point in the lighting industry.

It may be a good time to go back to the basics and review the role and the mission of lighting design so far.
We are in the age of having diverse values, and IALD Japan strives to promote the soundness of lighting industry and lighting design as an association of professional lighting designers in the society. We will continue working on various activities for further achievements. We would greatly appreciate your guidance and cooperation in the future.

October 2018

Japan International Association of Lighting Designers
Representative Director Kaoru Mende