About Us


We formed nine groups/committees in order to plan and conduct various activities smoothly. Each group/committee is composed of a chairperson who is appointed by the Board of Directors, and committee members who are volunteers from IALD Japan members. The chairperson and committee members make an annual proposal of an activity plan and requiring a budget approval by the Board of Director, thereafter the chairperson directs the planned activities to run smoothly. Each committee member shares the activity plan and fully cooperates among each other in order to boost the impact and publicize the activities both internally and externally.

General Meeting The General Meeting is a supreme decision-making body seeking consensus on the operation of the Association. At ordinary general meetings, projects and financial results are approved, and opinions on the action policy are exchanged. Extraordinary general meetings are also held for workshops and mutual communication among members.

Board of Directors The Board of Directors is composed of directors and auditors who are appointed at the General Meeting, and representatives of individual committees. The Board of Directors and the Operation and Management Committee are in cooperation to discuss management policies of the Association. The Board is responsible for deliberation and decision-making of essential topics except the ones that require consultation with the General Meeting.

Operation and Management Committee The Operation and Management Committee consists of the Representative Director, the Vice-representative Director, the Executive Director, the Director of Finance, and the Secretariat staff. It is responsible for the operation and management of the Association. It also deliberates topics to consult with the Board of Directors and consolidates the operation and finances of the Association.

Training Committee The Training Committee is responsible for conducting training programs for members in order to raise awareness and enhance abilities, and for non-members to broadly enlighten the industry and society as a whole. Educational programs for students are also conducted to nurture future generations of lighting designers.

Public Relations Committee The Public Relations Committee is responsible for planning and operating the IALD Japan official website and social media accounts, the most important public relations activity for the Association. It also edits and issues the “IALD Japan Annual Report” for broadly publishing various annual activities of the Association.

Membership Committee The membership includes fellow, professional, and associate members of the IALD Headquarters, as well as affiliate, educator, junior, and student members. The Membership Committee is responsible for a wide range of activities for recruiting new members of IALD Japan. It also plans and operates activities for deepening mutual communication among members.

Enlighten Committee The Enlighten Committee is responsible for planning the Enlighten Asia in Japan, an international biennial conference started in 2013. The event requires continual planning and management since it is the largest event that the Association organizes. The operation of the event is managed by the Operating Committee set up biennially under the direction of the Enlighten Committee.

The Secretariat and the Regional Coordinator The members of the Secretariat deal with support for members, cooperation with affiliated organizations, communication with IALD Headquarters (Chicago, USA), and support for the Board of Directors and activities directed by the committees.
The Regional Coordinator is appointed by IALD Headquarters and attends meetings at the Headquarters to bridge IALD Japan and the Headquarters.

Board of Directors

Representative Director Hiroyasu Shoji
Vice-representative Director Masanobu Takeishi
Hideto Mori
Executive Director Miki Matsushita
Director Yutaka Inaba
Naomichi Kakuta
Miho Konishi
Reiko Chikada
Kazuhiro Nagashima
Tomomi Meguro
Kaoru Mende
Auditor Hiroshi Naiki
Kohsaku Matsumoto
Office Yuko Taki
Aki Shimizu
Regional Coordinator Miho Konishi

IALD Regional Coordinator

IALD has its Headquarters in Chicago, USA, and there are more than 35 regions and chapters all over the world, with coordinators working to promote regional activities. Currently, in the Asia Pacific, there is one coordinator each in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Among these regions, Japan is particularly expected to take a significant role in IALD since it has been incorporated and is the second largest local branch operating after the USA. The regional coordinator in Japan is a volunteer staff who works in collaboration with IALD Japan Office to promote activities in Japan, support the membership, report on IALD Japan’s activities to the Headquarters, and communicate information from the Headquarters to Japanese members.

IALD Japan Office

Our staff members are working on administrative works in cooperation with IALD Japan region’s regional coordinator. As a base for supporting our activities, we are working on the affairs described below to contribute to the development of the industry—the objective of the Association.

1. Correspondence with IALD Headquarters

2. Membership support

3. Organizing and managing general affairs for hosting events

4. Other various tasks in relation to the management of IALD Japan