Various speakers from Japan and abroad discussed the forefront of lighting design under the theme of “Diversity of Light.”

”Enlighten Asia in Japan 2019” was held this spring at the same time as Lighting Fair 2019, which was hosted by the Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association (JLMA) and Nikkei Inc. This fourth annual event included two keynote lectures by famous overseas lighting designers, and deftly selected 18 seminars under the theme of “Diversity of Light”—such as the relationship between topical SDGs and lighting, lighting that is friendly to humans, and regional revitalization—by domestic and overseas speakers, who were publicly solicited in cooperation with the IALD headquarters in North America. In cooperation with the Lighting Fair 2019 Planning Committee, we planned and organized various other events, including the co-re-ca-light (a light for the future) exploration tour that introduced must-see exhibitions from the standpoint of lighting designers, an outside-venue tour with lighting designers for visiting night scenes in Tokyo, the co-re-ca-light stage, and studio mini-seminars. On the last day, the Enlighten Asia in Japan Farewell Party was held with overseas guests at the Sumida Aquarium, which is always guaranteed for success with powerful programs and unique ideas. This time, the event was rounded off with a world of mystical light and water at the Sumida Aquarium.

March 6 (Wed) to 7 (Thu), 2019
IALD Japan, Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association (JLMA ),
and Nikkei Inc.,

Seminar Report

【EL01】Where the magic happens – Integrating natural and artificial light

Andreas Schulz has worked on more than 350 projects during h...

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【EL02】China’s Lighting Design in a Digital Age

Xu Dongliang, General Manager at Toryo International Lightin...

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【EL08】The future of lighting design and luminance-based metrics

As lighting simulation software such as DIAlux has become ea...

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Barbara Houton and Carrie Hawley, Senior Principals of marke...

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【EL10】Architecture and Lighting connected with Digital Design

Design technologies are developing every year due to the adv...

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【EL12】Responsible Lighting: New Ethics to Balance our New Powers

The traditional goals of lighting designs have mainly been t...

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【EL14】In Pursuit of Lighting Friendly to Human

As a role of lighting design in public spaces is becoming in...

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【EL15】Lighting for Mass Transit

Senior Lighting Designers Cristoph Gisel and Kevin Womack fr...

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【EL17】Representing light-what lighting designers can learn from arts

How is “light” expressed if analyzed through Western paintin...

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Principal Seiichi Saito of Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd., known for ...

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