New Office of IALD Japan is now open

Our new office was opened in the Tokyo Design Center in Gotanda, Tokyo on December 1st, 2017. This new space allows IALD Japan members to gather anytime at their will. This narrow space—reminding us of the clubroom of a school—is equipped with various equipment, such as an iMac, a copy machine, a ceiling mounted projector, a screen, a refrigerator with cold drinks, and even a wine cellar. For the members visiting Tokyo on business from rural areas, this space can be used as a co-working space during their stay. The entrance has a finger vein authentication system. Once registered, the members only need to scan their fingers to enter. In March, blossoms of a large cherry tree can be viewed from office windows. Please feel free to use the office for various committee meetings and other meetings.

Office hours: 10AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday

Please contact us for uses outside of office hours.

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